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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Loo,

    Cool, a book. Currently reading & listening to an Authorship program to help people get ‘books’ out of their head! Well done!

    Just a bit of Proofreading & feedback of the website:

    Under about the book, typo: Following the earth-shattering events of 9/11/2001, Loco retreats to Japan where he learns that old adage— you can’t hide from yourself— the hard way. He finds the woman he was made to love; only she’s a member of a race he has come to despise! In the name of this love, Loco confronts this dark stowaway with deep roots even as the world is literally falling apart around him, in the form of the Tohoku disaster of 3/11/2011

    And in reading Excerpts: Google Docs are pretty much unaccessible to anyone working in a firm with Network Security (and global enterprise level firm to start with) and through an Apple mobile devices – nada…

    Cheers and again, well done.

  2. Thanks JB!
    Where is the typo?? I don’t see it )-: Can you be more specific? As far as Google Docs issue I don’t have any idea how to rectify that unfortunately )-:
    Please advise

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