“A really remarkable and thought-provoking memoir about a sensitive soul’s most unlikely route to a life-changing epiphany about the true meaning of racial tolerance”

Kam Williams, Syndicated Film / Book Critic

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“This is the first time I’ve come across a book that openly brings up the issues surrounding racism in Japan. This issue certainly is a well-protected one avoided by both foreigners as well as Japanese.”

Sakura House, Tokyo

“I’ve never cried reading a book before. Let alone a fucking e-book. Let alone a fucking e-book on my fucking iPhone. And there I was, admittedly sitting on the crapper at the time, trying to suck it up and failing miserably at holding myself back from crying reading this book. Not once but twice (second time with my son obliviously playing in front of me). And moments before that, and all throughout, otherwise laughing out loud. I’m still trying to make sense of it all, frankly. The narrative of the work is deafeningly vivid and loud. But it’s not just how vividly he writes (the biggest frustration I felt with the e-reader was the inability to mark some pages, just because the expressions he used were such genius that I wanted to keep them). It’s the way the stories are structured, the way the chapters are organized. The whole thing. It’s a roller coaster ride.”

Hikosaemon of Hiko Tube, Noted Japan Vlogger

“He looks at himself in a mirror that most people aren’t willing to hold. Baye shares stories of how he was taught to hate (in defense of being hated) and how he continues to fight those internal demons. He shares how race has impacted many of the relationships in his life, personally and professionally.”

From the book review blog, “A Reason to Read”

“This is not one of those half-arsed ‘I Taught English in Japan, it was so Wacky!’ pamphlets that somehow seem to find an audience. This has intellectual, emotional, and (at nearly 400 pages) literal heft. This is the real deal. Highly recommended.”

From the blog, “This is how she fight start”

“I’m not recommending his book only because he’s a good writer, but also because there is great value in his journey emotionally and psychologically for all of us. As he dissects himself, he provides a model for how we might look a little deeper into ourselves. The amazing thing about it is that he does it unconsciously, so there’s no element of trying to guide the reader. It just happens naturally to even the most marginally thoughtful reader through his process of living out loud in the book. His growth through a series of unique and colorful life experiences is a key through which we can unlock some deeper truths in ourselves if we can tear down our own self-image and illusions as he managed to tear down his.”
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Here’s another from a reader living in Jamaica

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Goodreads reviews for Hi! My Name is Loco and I am a Racist

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So, there you have it! A professional review and some from the only critics you can really trust, the ones who have spent their hard-earned cash in these hard times for this book–The Readers. They have spoken, and spoken with vigor. Hi! My Name Is Loco and I Am A Racist is truly a happening!
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Unlike the big publishers, us Indie Publishers rarely have flashy paid endorsements, TV ads and publicity machines running day and night, often for books that don’t come anywhere near justifying the trees that died for its flash.
All you’ve seen and heard about this book so far has been powered by sheer determination, word of mouth and the testimonials of real readers like YOU, moved by the power and passion of the work itself!
This is a book that respects the reader, a book worthy of an investment of your time and hard-earned bucks! So, do cop yourself a copy today. You’ll be glad you did!
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